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What is a Cloud/Hosted PBX?

A Cloud/Hosted PBX is an entire PBX system that is contained in the cloud. Our Hosted PBX has all the functionality you would get with an expensive on-site PBX without the expensive install and maintenance contracts. Additionally, because it’s a Hosted IP-PBX, your users are not required to be in the same office like a classic PBX system to make use of it. They can be anywhere with an Internet connection and all still be part of the same office phone system.

We can set up your business account with several different features. These features can be an ACD (Automated Call Distribution) feature or a hunt group feature. We also offer an Auto Attendant feature for $15 per month. This system is completely customizable in the order that it rings, how long people are held on hold before they go to Voicemail, etc.

Are IP phones leased or purchased?

IP phones are either leased or sold. If you choose one of the business plans, you can lease-to-own a Linksys SPA-303G for $4.95 per month each or purchase one outright for $118.80. You can also lease a Linksys SPA-504G IP phone for $7.95 a month or purchase one for $190.80 each.

You may also buy an IP phone from somewhere else and use it with Broadvoice. Check with our list of approved BYOD Hardware on the website to see if the IP phone you want to use is supported.

What is ACD (Automated Call Distribution)?

ACD is a call center queuing system. Agents join a queue, and callers are placed in queue with music until an agent is available to speak to them. This type of incoming call distribution is typically for customer service agents, help desks and any department taking a large volume of inbound calls. Agents can make themselves available or unavailable for the call queue.

Broadvoice does not offer ACD, but offers Hunt Groups as an alternative call distribution solution.

For more information regarding the difference between Hunt Groups and ACD, please see the following article:

What is a hunt group?

  • A Hunt Group is a special phone number that will ring a group of users within your company that incoming calls are routed to in a series.

For example:

  • An incoming call is sent to the hunt group and the first available agent. If there is no answer at the first extension, then the next extension rings. The incoming call rings at all the extensions in the Hunt Group until the call is answered. If no agent is available to take the call, then it will be forwarded to Voicemail.

Note: Agents cannot make themselves unavailable in a hunt group.

Differences between ACD and a hunt group

There is a difference between Hunt Groups and Automated Call Distribution.

Hunt Groups by default, do not queue callers:

Either the call is answered or it is sent to Voicemail. In a Hunt Group the caller is sent in sequence to each agent and the first available one will answer. Callers in a Hunt Group do not hear music while on hold.

Automated Call Distribution will queue callers, when enabled within the Hunt Group Settings:

  • Broadvoice only offers Hunt Groups as a call distribution solution.
  • The callers will hear music while on hold until an agent answers the call or the call times out and is sent to voicemail.

Please note: Music on Hold will need to be enabled before music on hold will be played, to confirm music on hold is setup for your business, please contact Business Support for assistance.

Are we able to use softphones with your hosted PBX system?

Our Cloud PBX plans do allow for use of the Broadvoice Softphone.
For more information, please click here.

What is an auto attendant?

An Auto Attendant is a system that will answer the phone, play a recorded greeting and direct callers based on dial-pad input. This is a great way to route incoming callers to front-end ACDs and Hunt Groups (press 1 for support, 2 for sales, etc). Auto Attendants also make it possible for users with no DID (Direct Inward Dialing) to receive inbound calls by allowing callers to enter the extension of the party they wish to reach.

Does each extension/line on the CPBX have its own credentials?

Each line and extension on your Cloud PBX has its own unique credentials.
For more information on where to find these credentials click HERE

Can I create my own Auto Attendant Recordings?

We have detailed instructions on how to record and prepare your Auto Attendant recordings.
You can find those instructions HERE

What is a Legacy PBX?

A Legacy PBX is a hybrid. It uses your current PBX system with a VoIP backbone. This will enable you to retain your current PBX system and the features that you are used to, while gaining all the benefits VoIP has to offer.
Broadvoice uses the Linksys SPA8000 to connect your existing PBX system to our VoIP service.

How does Queuing work?

If Queuing is set to false and all lines of the hunt group are busy the caller will be sent to voicemail or get a busy signal

If Queuing is set to true and all lines of the hunt group are busy the caller will be placed in a call waiting queue with music on hold.

What is Login Available functionality?

If Login Available is set to true the individual subscriber lines will need to log in to the hunt group manually.
To log into the hunt group you would need to dial *96 and then hunt group ID number then # to login.

To log out of the hunt group you would need to dial 0#

My user account wont let me log in

Your User Account MUST be assigned to a service number before you can use it to log in.

What is "No-Answer Exclusion Time"?

User Agents who do not answer a ringing call will be "excluded" for a period of time defined by this timer. No further Hunt Group calls (from any Hunt Group of which this line is a member) will be offered to them during this time. This means that calls into the User Agents should not be delayed by repeated attempts to ring a member who is not answering. The member can be offered calls again after the time has elapsed.
This field is visible only if "Hunt on no-answer" is set to True.

What is "No-Answer Timeout"?

Specifies the maximum length of time a member's phone can ring before the call is passed to another free member in the Hung Group.

Range: 1 - 3600 seconds. The default is 30 seconds.
This field is visible only if Hunt on no-answer is set to True.

Why cant I add a new service?

If you do not see a telephone number within the drop down menu, you would need to contact the Billing department to add more DIDs or hit the Get more numbers button within the numbers tab. Clicking the Get more numbers button will notify a sales representative that you wish to purchase more DID numbers and one will contact you shortly.

Why wont my user account wont let me log in?

If you are unable to log into your Cloud PBX control panel please double check that you are using the correct username and password.

If your username and password are correct please contact your Cloud PBX administrator and ensure that your user account has been properly assigned to a service number.

How do I change my password?

We have step by step instructions you can follow that can be found HERE

How do I reset my Voicemail PIN?

Folow the instructions HERE to reset your Voicemail PIN