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Rebooting your Phone Adapter

As part of these instructions include turning off your computer, BroadVoice suggests bookmarking and printing this page for reference.

NOTE: It is important to completely power down all equipment, wait the appropriate amount of time, and then power up your equipment in the proper successive order as indicated below:

  1. Unplug only the power cable from the back of your Cable/DSL modem.

  2. If you have a network router, unplug its power cable.

  3. Unplug the black/round power cable from the back of the Phone Adapter.

  4. Wait at least 2 minutes or follow the Cable/DSL modems manufacturer's instructions before powering up any equipment.

  5. Plug your Cable/DSL modem's power cable back into your device and wait for it to start up completely before continuing.

  6. If you have a router, plug the power cable back in and wait for it to start up completely before continuing.

  7. Plug in the black/round power cable for the Phone Adapter.

  8. Wait at least 3 minutes.

  9. Reboot your computer and check to make sure that you have an Internet connection.

  10. Pick up the telephone receiver and listen for a dial tone. You should now be able to make and receive calls using your BroadVoice service.