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Making Calls:

How do I make an international call?

  1. Locate the country code of the country you are calling.

  2. Dial 011+country code+ the number you are calling.

  3. If you call Canada, do not dial 011 or a country code, just dial the area code and the phone number.

  4. Tell the people you call to sign up as well: Calls to other BroadVoice users, even in other countries, are always included in your plan.

NOTE: Rates to countries around the world can be found on our International Calling Page.

Can BroadVoice add a specific country I want into their Unlimited Calling Plans?

BroadVoice endeavors to provide unlimited calling to as many countries as possible within the pricing of our Unlimited Calling Plans. In some countries, the cost of connecting a call is much higher than others. We therefore cannot include certain countries in our calling plans because doing so would force us to raise our prices. We have to balance our ability to provide economical, low cost plans with the desire to provide unlimited calling to additional countries.


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Using BroadVoice Features:

Where can I find a list of Feature Access Codes?

Please refer to our Feature Codes Page. We suggest bookmarking it for future use.

Where can I find a chart that explains VoiceMail access?

Please refer to our VoiceMail Access Flowchart. We suggest bookmarking it for future use.

How do I change my phone number?

Login to the BroadVoice Account Portal and click the Account Tab. Once there, select "Change Number" on the sub-menu and follow the steps to change your number. Please do note that your BroadVoice billing account number will not change and there is a $9.95 setup fee each time you activate this feature.

Don’t forget, you can choose a new number with an entirely new area code. You may choose a BroadVoice number from our inventory of available numbers. If you have the BroadVoice Unlimited In-State Plan, remember that your in-state calling area is determined by the area code you select for your primary number, not the physical location of your phone.

You have the option to maintain your old number as an alternate number for a $1.95 per month.

How do I add another line, feature, or product to my account?

Login to the BroadVoice Account Portal. You will find a host of easy-to-use options and setting here.

How do I customize my features?

Login to the BroadVoice Account Portal and click the Features Tab. In the submenu below the Tabs, you will see several Feature categories, including Incoming, Outgoing, Call Control, Messaging and Premium. Each of these categories lists features that may be customized. Options for each Feature are explained and can be edited and saved.

How do I upgrade to premium features?

Login to the BroadVoice Account Portal and click the Features Tab. In the submenu below the Tabs, click "Premium". You will then see Premium Features available for your use. Remember adding a Premium Feature will incur a one time set-up charge and monthly charge.

Does BroadVoice support 3-way calling? How do I make a 3-way conference call?

You can set up a 3-way Call in a ‘flash’. After you dial your first party or answer an incoming call just press the Flash Button or Switch Hook on your phone and dial the second party. Press Flash or Switch Hook again when the second party’s phone is ringing or after the second party answers.

Does BroadVoice offer toll free service?

BroadVoice offers Toll Free Alternate Numbers as an Optional Premium Feature. Each Toll Free Alternate Number includes 60 minutes of free inbound calling from the Continental US with each additional minute billing at $ 0.02 thereafter. Learn More about Toll Free Alternate Numbers.

What is an Alternate Phone Number?

It's a very inexpensive secondary number that rings to your primary BroadVoice phone line. The advantage is that people outside your local calling area can call you for the price of a local call if you choose an Alternate phone number in their area code. Alternate numbers make it easier for people to keep in touch with you because they can call you for the price of a local call.

Here's one example showing how it can benefit you:

Let's say that you live in Boston and your BroadVoice primary number is in area code 617. Your friend or client lives in Los Angeles. Her area code is 213. You could get a secondary Alternate phone number in area code 213 that rings to your 617 Boston line. Then your friend doesn't have to pay long distance charges when she calls you.

How do BroadVoice Alternate Phone Numbers work?

They work a lot like multiple email addresses forwarding or pointing to your primary email address. Similarly, you can have more than one BroadVoice number connected to your BroadVoice primary number. Once you activate your Alternate number, BroadVoice Call Routing Network points your Alternate Number calls to your primary line and does all the work for you. This connection is just as fast and seamless as any other BroadVoice phone call. Alternate numbers, like your Primary number, will not work if your Phone Adapter is not registered with our network or powered off.

How much do Alternate Phone Numbers cost?

Each Alternate number costs just $1.95 per month and can be added at any time by accessing the features tab on your BroadVoice Portal. The cost in the first month is pro-rated depending on when in your billing cycle you add the Alternate number. So, if you add it on the 15th day of your billing cycle, you would be charged 98 cents in that month, and $1.95 thereafter. There is also a one-time activation charge of $9.95 to link each new Alternate number. Alternate numbers are activated immediately.

How long does it take to activate an Alternate Phone Number?

Alternate numbers are activated immediately.

How many Alternate Phone Number can I have?

You can have up to two Alternate phone numbers in addition to a primary BroadVoice line. You can add a second Alternate number at any time from within your Account Portal. Remember that changes to your account are restricted to the Account Administrators named when your BroadVoice account was created.

Can I have an Alternate Phone Number without a BroadVoice primary phone number?

No. Alternate numbers can't work unless they link to a BroadVoice primary number. Why wouldn’t you want a primary BroadVoice number anyway? Sign up today for a BroadVoice and start saving.

Can I make outgoing calls from my Alternate Phone Numbers?

No. Your outgoing calls will always be from your primary line.

When I choose an Alternate Phone Number, will calls that I make to that regional calling area be local calls?

No. A virtual phone number is simply an inbound call feature that is separate from your outbound calling plan. The location of your primary phone number governs what your local in-state calling area. However, if you choose an Alternate number with the same area code as your primary BroadVoice line then by default your primary and alternate numbers will have the same local regional calling area. Remember, In-state calls are always included in all BroadVoice calling plans while the BroadVoice Unlimited World calling plan is the best value for making economical long distance calls. If you are an existing BroadVoice customer and don't already have an World plan, upgrade today and stop paying long distance charges when you call any state in the Continental USA.

I don't have an Unlimited Long Distance plan. Do I get extra long distance minutes with my Alternate Phone Number?

No. This is because Alternate phone numbers apply to incoming calls only and you don't get billed incoming minutes. The only charges that you could accrue would be for calls that you originate, including calls you transfer to or call forward to. When someone calls you it's always free, so we don't bill minutes to your account when you add Alternate numbers.

Will the Alternate Phone Number show on the Caller ID displays of people that I call?

No. Only your primary BroadVoice line number displays on the caller ID of the people you call. Remember, with BroadVoice you also have the option of turning on Calling ID Block to prevent your number from displaying at all

I used to have another BroadVoice number. Can I get that same number again and use it as my Alternate Phone Number?

Although you can request it you can only get it if it hasn't been re-assigned to someone else. BroadVoice is growing rapidly, so numbers disappear very quickly. If you want to keep a number, it's best to keep it on your account as either a primary or Alternate number so that you don't lose it.


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BroadVoice Account Portal:

What is the Account Portal?

The BroadVoice Account Portal allows you to securely log-in and simply activate and adjusting your features. This Portal, accessible from any Internet Browser, allows you to access all of your features in a few clicks. In addition, you can view your calling activity, listen to your voicemail, review your billing, and change your plan or order premium features.

BroadVoice Account Portal

How do I log into my Account Portal? What is my user name and password?

There are two ways to log into the Account Portal. You may either Log in from anywhere in the BroadVoice.com site (including this page) by using the log-in box at the top left of the page.

Otherwise, you may also log-in by clicking here.

Your User Name and Password are created when you sign up for a BroadVoice account.

What if I forgot my Account log-in password?

If you forgot your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link below the Account Log-In Box. You will then be asked to provide information to identify you as the account's owner.

Your password will be sent to you via email.




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Traveling with BroadVoice

Can I use my BroadVoice account anywhere?

Yes. You can use your BroadVoice service anywhere you can access a broadband Internet connection. Please remember to register a new location for E911 service when you use BroadVoice service at a different location from the initially registered location.  Learn More about EMERGENCY 911 SERVICE.

Can I take my phone adapter with me when I travel?

BroadVoice service will work anywhere you have access to a broadband Internet connection, so feel free to travel with your phone. Remember to tell people that you meet while traveling about your great BroadVoice service, your savings, all of the features. If you know someone overseas, get them a BroadVoice line, and you'll be able to call each other free of charge, anywhere. Please remember to register a new location for E911 service when you use BroadVoice service at a different location from the initially registered location.  Learn More about EMERGENCY 911 SERVICE.

What happens to my service if I move?

BroadVoice works on any broadband Internet connection, so your BroadVoice service will move with you, and you can keep your number no matter where you go. Please remember to register a new location for E911 service when you use BroadVoice service at a different location from the initially registered location.  Learn More about EMERGENCY 911 SERVICE.


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